Virtual Learning

Learn KT Clear Thinking processes from wherever you are—with no travel required. KT virtual instructor-led sessions provide an efficient way to learn from the comfort of your office or home. KT Virtual Learning includes dynamic discussions, videos, practice scenarios, and a coaching/feedback session with your instructor. Using a web meeting platform, KT Virtual Learning is currently available for all of KT’s individual processes and full workshops including Problem Solving & Decision Making, Root Cause Analysis, Major Incident Management, Problem Management, Troubleshooting Foundations and more.

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Sometimes, you just want to learn at your own pace. KT’s eLearning courses are available wherever you are, whenever you want, and from any device. We offer 4 different types of eLearning:

  • Deepen your KT skills – You just took a class and want to further improve your skills
  • Refresh your KT skills – You took KT training a while ago and want a skill refresh
  • Introduction to KT – Take a short KT intro course so at least you know what this IS/IS NOT thing is you’ve heard of
  • Starting from scratch - Learn about all the main tools in the problem-solving ecosystem, when to use them, and how they related to KT Problem Analysis

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In-House Classes

Looking to bring training directly to your team? Kepner-Tregoe’s on-site training can be delivered at the time and location of your choice. On-site training includes realistic examples, extensive case studies, application on real issues, and one-on-one coaching led by a highly trained KT facilitator. On-site sessions allow KT to tailor your training to address real issues and opportunities your company is facing. If you'd like to deliver these sessions yourself, KT can certify your qualified employees through our Train-the-Trainer program. 

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Public Classes

Kepner-Tregoe training is available in cities across the world. Through our open enrollment public sessions, you will learn KT concepts and practice realistic case studies with peers from many different industries. If you’re currently facing a problem to solve, a decision to make or a project that needs new insight, you're encouraged to bring your real issues to work on during the workshop with one-on-one coaching from KT instructors.

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Train-the-Trainer (KT Program Leader)

For over 60 years, our Train-the-Trainer programs, offered through our Leadership Development Institute (LDI), have been preparing employees to become certified to teach KT workshops. Our goal is to build true capability and transfer knowledge within your people and organization.

Through KT's Train-the-Trainer workshops, we certify Program Leaders (not just instructors) to lead workshops and serve as KT problem-solving consultants who develop and implement programs designed to drive sustainability and align your organization for success.

Over the years, developing KT Program Leaders has proven to be one of the most effective ways to embed Kepner-Tregoe Critical Thinking capabilities into an organization.

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