Quality x Adoption = Results

At Kepner-Tregoe, all of our training is designed to equip you, and your team, with KT Clear Thinking methodologies. This means weaving high-quality training with consistent adoption to yield long-term ROI-driven results.

In addition to on-site training and our public session workshops, KT’s Results Model focuses on not only helping your teams acquire new skills—but also on changing behaviors and applying that knowledge in effective ways.

Our Results Model solutions include:

  • Triggers and Process Alignment: Defining when a certain capability is required and how it integrates within your current workflow.
  • Performance System: Aligning goals, consequences, and feedback with the new behaviors.
  • Coaching: Reinforcing the concepts on the job in order to become proficient.
  • Leadership: Defining how leadership will be a role model and support the new skills.
  • Cultural Norms: Understanding which aspects of culture support the change and which ones will make the desired change more challenging.
  • Measurement: Tracking “the change” and its impact on core metrics.
  • Knowledge Creation: Planning how to systematically document, store, and share the information in order to become a “learning organization.”

How to Learn More…

Contact Kepner-Tregoe to learn more about how we can help you and your team develop the right skills, applied in the right ways, to deliver the right result.