Workshop Overview

You can have the best project managers, but if the people they’re managing don’t understand fundamental project skills and use a common language, the team will struggle to achieve success. KT’s Project Management for Non-Project Managers workshop provides a foundation in project management—defining, planning, implementing, and closing out a project—that can be used in day-to-day project work and then built upon as project roles expand. 

Audience: Designed for anyone who contributes to a project team. The workshop is especially valuable for team members led by project managers who use the KT Project Management approach. 

Key Benefits

Develop foundational project management skills to maximize your impact as a project contributor.

Understand project roles and responsibilities to better support delivery of project results.

Learn KT’s proven Project Management methodology that can be applied in your day-to-day work on any type of project.

Skills Developed

Skills developed during KT’s Project Management for Non-Project Managers workshop enable you to: 

  • Support in the defining, planning, implementing, and closing out a project.
  • Understand roles and responsibilities within the project team to optimize support.
  • Apply basic principles of KT’s Project Management methodology.
  • Identify and address issues quickly and confidently to keep project tasks on track.
  • Anticipate and reduce project risk.

Return on Investment

By attending the KT Project Management for Non-Project Managers workshop and adopting KT processes, organizations have realized both immediate, and long-term, return on investment. These include: 

  • Lockheed Martin embedded KT Project Management into its services to NASA at the Johnson Space Center resulting in measurable improvements in cost savings, attrition and safety, among others.
  • When a pharmaceutical manufacturer turned to KT Project Management for product launches, the company went without launching a new product for two years to launching five to ten products annually.
  • Event preparation at a luxury goods company was improved dramatically after the KT Project Management approach was used to plan and execute a centerpiece sales event yielding a 50% increase in sales.
  • At Cement Australia, KT Project Management helped one plant shutdown project come in $500K under budget and another end 33% earlier than planned. 

Workshop Details

Duration: 2 days

Learning Tools Included: All workshop attendees will get access to online post-workshop learning support tools (coaching videos, tips, tricks, worksheets, and more) with a My KT membership 

Certification Credits: 1.4 CEUs

Training Options: Available either as a public session or as group training conducted at your location  


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