Growing a competitive organization requires leadership in the area of critical thinking for teams and individuals. These advisors and coaches must manage complexity, facilitate the transfer of knowledge but also, support the ongoing adoption of critical thinking skills in a sustainable way. Through Kepner-Tregoe’s Process Facilitator and Coach Development, your leaders will gain a deeper understanding of KT Clear Thinking processes and learn how to apply those tools within your teams. As certified facilitators and coaches, your leaders will lead their colleagues in solving difficult problems, making tough decisions, setting priorities, and planning ahead.

Key Benefits

Through our Process Facilitator and Coach Development training, your leaders will gain deeper insight combined with practical application to:

Use the power of process and teams to cut through complexity to deliver results.

Create a structure to identify underlying risks and opportunities of a given initiative.

Accelerate issue resolution from months to days (and sometimes hours & minutes).

Formalize a suite of clear thinking process flows to help meet and exceed organizational goals.

Leverage “technical in-house knowledge” combined with a proven resolution framework to resolve sticky issues rapidly.

Our Approach

The cornerstone of our approach at KT goes beyond developing skills—it’s about developing true capability. This capability development is based on incisive questioning and facilitation. That’s why during the Process Facilitator and Coach Development training program, participants deepen their own ability to think clearly and critically under pressure, while leading teams and individuals.

Application to Support People

The goal is to resolve business issues through Kepner-Tregoe’s processes of Situation Appraisal, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis, as well as Potential Problem Analysis and Potential Opportunity Analysis. Through role modeling, candidates develop the capability to lead others in typical facilitations. They build cross-functional troubleshooting teams who have the content expertise to expedite solutions. Candidates also learn to lead brainstorming sessions, assign responsibilities, and encourage others to rely on the process. The goal is to “think beyond the fix” for additional improvement opportunities.

Adoption to Drive Results

Building capability within your organization isn’t just about developing skills through training. Adoption is the driver of results. That’s why we work with you to maximize the ROI from your “people investment” by:

  • Clarifying your capability development objectives and how they tie to your business success.
  • Identifying areas of emphasis for development and how the new skills will be applied inside your business.
  • Helping you identify critical elements in your company’s performance environment that support or hinder the capability development process.
  • Pre- and post-skill development support and coaching to ensure we maximize the skills transfer from the “workshop room” into the real world.

Contact us to explore how this solution is a fit for you, your team, your organization.

Training Prerequisites

Candidates must have previously attended a KT workshop matching the Kepner-Tregoe process they want to facilitate or coach.

  • For those wishing to become a Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making (KT PSDM) Process Facilitator & Coach: You must have attended a KT PSDM workshop or equivalent program.
  • For those wishing to become a Kepner-Tregoe Project Management ( KT PM) Process Facilitator & Coach: you must have attended a KT PM workshop or equivalent program. 

Contact Us to find out if you qualify.

Workshop Outline

Download the workshop outline for: Process Facilitator and Coach Development

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Workshop Schedule

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Feb 8, 2022 -
Feb 9, 2022
Den Dolder or Virtual NL €3,750.00 Dutch

Deel 2: Maandag 21 februari en Dinsdag 22 februari

Deel 3: Maandag 14 maart 

Oct 10, 2022 -
Oct 11, 2022
Den Dolder or Virtual NL €3,750.00 Dutch

Deel 2: Maandag 14 november en Dinsdag 15 november

Deel 3: Vrijdag 2 december 

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