Workshop Overview

Have you ever come across an issue that seems impenetrable or unsolvable? With Kepner-Tregoe’s Incident Mapping workshop, you will discover how to create greater clarity to tough situations—quickly. These challenging situations are usually bound by several closely related themes. KT Incident Mapping can systematically identify these issues—providing a clear and complete overview of the incident to determine the best way forward.

Audience: Ideal for quality managers, analysts, problem and incident managers, safety & health environmental officers, auditors, technicians, engineers and others responsible for resolution of critical incidents and problems.

Key Benefits

Learn how to display essential connections and potential solutions through visual maps of mutual relationships and interdependencies.

Increase clarity of the situation to regain control, take appropriate actions and prevent future incidents.

Share knowledge and lend insight as part of a live facilitation or “post mortem” analysis.

Distill a complex situation with many moving and dependent parts down to a single visual map so that all possible contributing factors can be captured and analyzed. 

Skills Developed

When it comes to complex situations, clarity is the driver of effective action. Through KT’s Incident Mapping workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage our proven eight-step Incident Mapping process to more effectively and efficiently determine the cause—and solution.
  • Create a dynamic, systematic visual approach to illustrate the contributing factors, causes, and consequences of a problem.
  • Identify breached barriers.
  • Evaluate real-world situations and best practices and apply that learning to make immediate contributions back to your organization.

Return on Investment

  • Fitzpatick Nuclear Power Plant avoided $500K a day in lost revenue and replacement power costs by quickly locating and resolving a pressing issue.
  • A major organization operating in the Finance Sector reduced the cost of IT incidents by almost $600m.
  • A company who's market position had fallen to 9th was able to reclaim it's number one spot. 


Kepner-Tregoe now offers New Causelink® Cause and Effect-Charting Software as an option on every Incident Mapping Workshop

Causelink®  supports Kepner-Tregoe's critical-thinking based problem-solving methodology by providing a visual tool to aid in identifying root cause. Causelink's structured visual mapping approach helps organizations understand and document the complex interactions in major incidents.

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Workshop Details

Duration: 2 Days 

Certification Credits: 2.1 CEUs

Training Options: Available as a Public Session or as on-site group training at your location

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