Workshop Overview

Deepen your expertise in problem identification and problem resolution with Kepner-Tregoe’s Advanced Problem Management for ServiceNow workshop. Using the Kepner-Tregoe plug-in from ServiceNow, this training will significantly improve your problem management expertise, whether you are just beginning or are a troubleshooting expert. As a ServiceNow user, KT’s Advanced Problem Management for ServiceNow is built upon KT’s time-tested Clear Thinking process to provide troubleshooters the tools they need to take their knowledge—and careers to the next level.

Audience: Ideal for service desk staff, quality managers, analysts, problem and incident managers, auditors, technicians, engineers, and others responsible for resolution of critical incidents and problems.

Key Benefits

Leverage Kepner-Tregoe’s time-tested, proven approach to problem solving, which has helped thousands of global companies dramatically improve their performance.

Reduce Mean-Time-to-Resolution and improve customer satisfaction with highly effective problem management processes.  

Learn a set of common, high-quality skills to effectively analyze and drive the resolution of customer issues. 

Skills Developed

Through Kepner-Tregoe’s Advanced Problem Management workshop, you will learn:

  • A structured, critical thinking approach to analyze problems, select the best fix, and proactively avoid problems.
  • To systematically clarify and prioritize problems through KT's Situation Appraisal and effective questioning.
  • To clearly describe a problem and gather the most relevant data.
  • A strategic approach to problem solving based on problem type, e.g. start-up and recurring problems.
  • How to capitalize by making thinking visible.
  • Succinct and effective stakeholder communication and resource management throughout the problem or incident life-cycle.

Required: The KT ServiceNow plug-in from ServiceNow. 

Return on Investment

  • 74% reduction in Mean-Time-to-Resolution.
  • 77% reduction in variation.
  • 40% improved First-Time-Fix rate.
  • 50% reduction in backlog.
  • Increased customer satisfaction to +90%.

Workshop Details

Duration: 4 days

Learning Tools: All workshop attendees will receive access to online post-workshop learning support tools (worksheets, tips, tricks, and more) with a My KT membership

Training Options: Available as group training conducted at your location  


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