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With many KT workshops, you'll have exclusive access to our Learning Libraries, full of everything you need to perfect your KT Clear Thinking skills. From expert videos and tips to selected workshop materials, My KT membership provides the tools and resources you need to succeed.

There are learning libraries currently available for many KT workshops including: Problem Solving and Decision Making, Project Management, ITSM Problem & Incident Management, KT Resolve, KT Restore, and others.

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KT Solve

The power of KT process whenever you need it, wherever you are, on any device. Available free for all learners of KT workshops, KT Solve Lite allows you to practice KT process while you're on-the-go. All records are stored in a secure cloud server so they can be accessed from anywhere on any device – laptops, tablets and phones.

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KT Cards App

Access nearly every KT Process Card with the swipe of a finger.

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Kepner-Tregoe Process Worksheets

With KT Process Worksheets, you have an interactive space to do your work.  Each electronic workbook, designed in Microsoft Excel, is both a process aid and a great repository of information for issues you are working on. These workbooks are often shared to show the thinking that was done to resolve an issue. All workbooks list the process steps while providing space to capture key data. Important questions relevant to each process stage are shown to prompt your thinking and are a great help learn the KT Clear Thinking process. Workbook completion is aided with automation on key calculations as well as drop down menus for selecting values.

Kepner-Tregoe Process Cards

Easily review and apply what you've just learned with Kepner-Tregoe Process Cards. These durable plastic pocket cards offer visual reminders for following each step of KT process on the job. This simple solution shows process steps and outcomes as well as key questions needed to keep the process on track to provide the needed result.