Go Digital!

KT Books delivers our training materials in a dynamic digital format – allowing learners to view and use workshop materials on their laptop and mobile device.

Download the KT Books at a glance document here.

Features - learners have the ability to:

  • Make comments 
  • Create 'sticky notes'
  • Highlight 
  • Underline 
  • Do a keyword search
  • Download the materials for offline access via the KT Books app for Android and Apple or through browser cache

To see KT Books in action, check out the KT Books Overview Video below:

Benefits of Digital Materials

  • Learners will always have most up to date version of materials
  • Paper materials can get lost or damaged; digital materials can’t!
  • Learners can access their materials as a job aid ‘on the go’ with 24x7 access to their materials via our KT Books app on Apple and Android devices
  • No shipping charges
  • No lost or delayed shipments
  • Environmentally friendly, reduce your organization’s carbon footprint by going digital!

Check out the KT Books FAQs here

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