Incident Management

Take control under pressure

Improved incident management is the result of an empowered staff that can assess problems and take actions swiftly, making the right decisions to improve customer service. Learn more.

Major Incident Management

Never panic again. Incident management is stressful when you have no formal process in place. A major incident can be catastrophic to your business when something serious goes wrong and you're frozen with fear. Through Kepner-Tregoe’s Major Incident Management workshop, your organization is fully prepared to handle whatever comes its way. Resolving major incidents requires everyone to be on the same page. You will reduce stress and the time spent on ineffective trial-and-error behavior for major outages. Through improved major incident management, your staff is prepared, your resolution time will be reduced and your customers will be happier. Shouldn't this be your goal?

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KT Facilitator Workshop

Take your incident and problem resolution leadership skills to the next level through improved facilitation and coaching capabilities. Kepner-Tregoe empowers your leaders to help their teams diagnose situations and make decisions rapidly and effectively, under pressure, using advanced process and situationalanalysis skills. Develop and build high performing, cross-functional troubleshooting teams to expedite solutions for any situation. Leverage subject matter experts to take control of the situation and drive the team to a fast and optimal outcome.

Prepare your leaders now

KT Train-the-Trainer

The Train-the-Trainer program empowers your people to become certified Kepner-Tregoe trainers. Having in-house expertise gives you a scalable model that maximizes your learning and development investment. If your company understands that solving problems is critical and is committed to reducing costs, then improving efficiency as well as delivering "hard" business results from IT, KT can help you. Let's discuss how partnering with Kepner-Tregoe and implementing our troubleshooting methodology will transform your organization from reactive and adhoc to systemic programs designed to drive sustainability and align your organization for success. Learn more here.

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