Investigate problems in an intuitive, standardized and collaborative format

Causelink® offers a visual tool to aid in the identification of root cause using Kepner-Tregoe's problem-solving methodology. This sophisticated solution is the result of a collaboration between Kepner-Tregoe and Sologic.

As organizations become more complex, work across multiple geographies, and operate within aggressive time frames, finding effective solutions has become a much greater challenge. Causelink® was developed to overcome this issue-providing an application for problem-solving professionals to investigate problems in a simple, standardized and evidence-based manner. Using the data uncovered from Kepner-Tregoe's problem analysis, this tool encourages the breaking of causal chains that identify effective solutions to prevent repeat failures. Teams can easily share lessons learned, reveal vulnerabilities and deliver systemic change while managing the overall resolution of incidents from the initial investigation through to corrective action implementation. 

A Visual Way to Map Causal Chains


Visibility – Managers can quickly determine the status of open RCA investigations

Preservation of Knowledge – Prevents the decay and loss of institutional knowledge

Reporting – Having all the data in the same place allows you to spot trends across your entire program

Cause & Effect Charting – Logically define the causes and gain a common understanding of a problem with your team

Incident Timeline– Visually present the events related to the problem and provide an easy way to gain consensus with your team

Action Tracking – Track Corrective and Preventative actions ensuring their completion

Mobile Phone/Tablet Support – Provide an easy way to gather data and check investigation progress when you are not at your desk

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