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With KT Immediate Project Management Support, Kepner-Tregoe will bring in highly-skilled project management experts to guide your struggling team to achieve project goals. Often completed in just one week or less, the engagement will achieve tangible results through a structured and proven facilitation approach. Expert facilitation substantially increases the efficiency and effectiveness of projects, while gaining support and commitment from all involved.

A typical solution will be tailored to your situation. KT will typically do an initial appraisal of the situation to understand the underlying issues with the project. Then based on those findings, the KT facilitators can provide skill development, coaching, facilitatation or even interim project management resources to ensure the project gets back to meeting deadlines, budgets and goals. 

When you need KT Immediate Project Management Support

Contact KT for immediate project management support when you have projects:

  • Missing deadlines
  • Over budget
  • Not achieving goals
  • With poor team communication
  • Constantly changing scope

KT Immediate Project Management Support has brought proven results to manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, IT, oil & gas and many other industries.

Just a few of the problems solved by Kepner-Tregoe facilitators

  • A high-end consumer products company was fourteen months behind their deadline to expand into new markets.
  • A leading durable goods manufacturer was 5 months behind in their implementation of a global ERP platform.
  • A global financial services company had overly complex project management processes and required too many experts on each project which lead to delays effecting external customers.
  • A health science company had critical projects that fell behind schedule and project managers were struggling to meet the demands of their projects.