Our Philosophy

A significant transformation is taking place in the Learning and Development discipline which is fundamentally changing the way we learn and apply new concepts. This experiential learning approach puts a greater focus on:

  • Learning-by-doing through reflection on the experience
  • Hands-on practice over theory
  • A learner-centric, rather than instructor-centric approach

At KT, we are committed to continuously improving the learner experience and the return-on-investment for our clients. We have invested in new, innovative, technology-enabled learning approaches to help turn learners into active participants in the learner journey, leading to more immediate and deeper learning, which leads to faster, more impactful business results.

We are proud to respond to this significant transformation with KTeX, an ongoing effort to further increase the high-involvement learning components in all of our solutions as well as a suite of new problem-solving offerings that are part of an initiative for experiential learning—enhancing and accelerating learning through hands-on experiences. The KTeX program focuses on learning through experiences via realistic simulations, gamification and the use of new learning platforms and technologies to enable learners to apply their problem solving skills more effectively, more quickly, and more confidently.

Benefits of KTeX Program

  • Learning through reflection on doing increases retention rates of new concepts and builds confidence
  • Solving problems in a realistic environment bridges the gap between theory and practice and shortens the time to results
  • Practicing in a safe-to-fail learning environment allows people to learn from mistakes and more easily transfer the skills onto their jobs
  • Simulation-based scenarios create an engaging, dynamic and interactive experience that maximizes the motivation to learn


Current KTeX Programs

Frontline for Operations 

Frontline for ITSM & Tech Support 

Risk Mitigation for Operations 

Risk Mitigation for ITSM & Tech Support 

Troubleshooting Simulation