Leaders in Problem Solving

For over 60 years, Kepner-Tregoe has worked with the world’s leading companies to improve business outcomes.

We recognize the challenges you face from limits to time and resources, increasingly complex operations, and escalating customer expectations.  

We provide time-proven, data-driven thinking processes that help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, increase quality, and exercise control by providing clarity and structure.

Because we emphasize skill transfer and sustainability, we provide value for today and every day that follows.

What we know becomes what you know.

Our solutions are systematic and human, giving your people the confidence to perform under pressure. Ultimately, we focus on building your organization’s capability so that future opportunities and problems can be addressed rapidly.

Our processes become your capital. We consult, train, implement, coach you through change, and build skills and capability that translates into rapid problem resolution, smart planning, calculated decision making, and ongoing management effectiveness. We can disappear and the lessons remain…

We help organizations run more efficiently. Period.

As an example, our core methodology was responsible for the critical thinking skills that helped bring Apollo 13 safely back to earth. While not every solution is movie-worthy, one of the most exciting aspects of what we do is the measurability of ROI. Our process is about logic and structure, not assumptions. Therefore, results show up in time savings, smarter use of resources, fewer mistakes, uninterrupted operations, and higher profit.

Process plus experience make perfect.

We often deal with issues that are overwhelming to our clients and the results we produce seem like magic. Of course, there is no such thing. The keys to our success and, in turn, our clients’ success are these core methodologies, created more than a half-century ago and refined through the years. They work across a broad range of industries; in all key areas be they technical, operational, or human; and in organizations around the globe.

Making molehills out of mountains.

It’s about making the complex, simple. Think about what you do every day. You know there are no silver bullets, no quick-fix cures in the real world. Yet, our processes, easily learned and used at all levels within your organization, make it possible to drill down quickly, find the root causes of situations, and do what is necessary. Whether you’re investigating how to prevent manufacturing breakdowns, streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction, improve collaboration, or do any of a thousand different things, we deliver - and help you create - solutions that deliver concrete results…

We empower problem solvers to have confidence under pressure.

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of time in solving a problem or crisis. Our processes give organizations the ability to think clearly and confidently under pressure. That ability to quickly get to the heart of an issue insures just that.

We especially enjoy being in the trenches.

Our favorite spot is standing next to you. We adapt to your culture and immerse ourselves in your operation. Put us in the most remote corner of the most hard-to-get-to factory room floor and chances are we’ll learn something that might just change everything. Being able to assess situations up close gives us the data we need to arrive at the best solutions…