Interview preparation

The crucial components of the KT interview process include initial interviews, and upon short-listing, an Assessment Center consisting of panel interviews, case studies, and presentations. Applicants for consulting positions are invited to review any of our online practice cases, which provide an opportunity for you to work through an example of the kinds of business problems we address every day.

Initial interviews

The first step, following the acceptance of your resume, is to have two initial interviews. One interview will be conducted remotely. This is to ensure that you understand the position for which you have applied and also to detail what you can expect your life to be like as a consultant. We discuss the necessary rigors of travel, the challenges of striking an appropriate work/life balance, and also discuss the many rewards of the career. The second personal interview is conducted face-to-face, often with a principal or senior manager within the firm. This is to ascertain your initial fit with KT’s culture. Should we decide to move forward with your candidacy you will be contacted and asked to participate in our Assessment Center, when we invite you to one of our KT regional offices for a series of panel interviews, case studies, and a presentation.