KT consultants are asked to look at a business from all angles. Our question-based, systematic and repeatable Clear Thinking processes enable us to see beyond perceived needs to the true business needs that must be addressed in order to achieve success. The C-Suite’s perspective, that “view from the balcony,” is very important; but without a holistic understanding of others’ perspectives, we may fail to recognize the effort required to create value with our clients.

We help management structure their approach to the critical issues that are driving business performance. Whether facilitating the critical decisions that will drive future performance, or resolving a mission-critical problem through the identification of root cause, we know that through effective collaboration and the appropriate transfer of capability, our solutions have value for both the short-term and the long-term.

We focus on industries where operational excellence is critical to success and on functions where quick, clear issue resolution can have significant financial impact. We have done major projects in consumer goods manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, mining, oil and gas, high tech customer service, major construction, ship building and repair, aerospace, and government. We work with all kinds of clients: big multinational corporations, midsize companies and start-ups.

We believe that KT’s Clear Thinking processes should be a core capability of every organization in the world and we strive every day to make that vision a reality.

Our culture is driven by our Basic Beliefs. These enduring beliefs have remained largely unchanged since our company was founded in 1958. These beliefs are the crucible in which we mix the elements that make us a success. Rational thinking is the primary ingredient for all that we strive to achieve. It allows clients to remove emotion and subjectivity from their thinking which dependably yields higher-value results. In that context our present individual and collective success is the result of creating value with our clients through the repeated use of rational process in our Case Study Approach. Through this approach we predict, measure and achieve results in every engagement. We undertake everything we do with a passionate zeal. We broadcast our success to the world and engage in a daily discourse with The KT Circle, including: ourselves, our clients, our prospective clients, client alumni, KT devotees, staff alumni and the clear thinking movement.