At the heart of our hiring process is a Decision Analysis, one of our Clear Thinking processes. Decision Analysis is an objective-based, decision-making tool which enables us to look at each potential new hire candidate with a clear eye on the immediate needs of the business, and on the long-term capabilities we need to develop to remain competitive in our global markets. Below are some of the objectives we use in our decision-making process.

Hiring objectives at the Associate/Senior Associate levels:

  • Minimum 4-yr degree; with preference for an advanced degree
  • Ability to travel +/- 80% of the time
  • Leadership roles held in businesses/voluntary organizations
  • Subject matter expertise within a specific KT area of focus (such as, Industrial or Consumer Products, Customer Support, Manufacturing, etc.)
  • Desire to see others succeed; provide opportunities for others; selflessness
  • Ability to come to a mutually agreed-upon course of action; focused on joint success (Win/Win) rather than one-sided success
  • Understanding of decision-making processes through clarification of purpose; identification of alternatives; assessment of risk; and commitment to the decision made
  • Project management capability demonstrated through jobs/work/school (managed projects, was a project lead, or team member)
  • Intermediate-to-advanced level use of business software such as MS Office (especially conducting data analysis using Excelpivot tables should be your friends!)
  • Problem-solving aptitude including the application of statistical processes to problem solving
  • Proficiency in oral and written communication/presentation/platform skills: which will be demonstrated via presentation(s)
  • Knowledge of business principals, organization theory, and current trends
  • Formal training/leadership roles taken/demonstrated leadership of others/managementan ability to get results through others
  • Ability to read a P&L statement and a balance sheet; may have developed a business plan
  • Demonstrated performance as a “team-player”
  • Career-focused resulting in a desire to set goals, execute, perform to results; seek advancement
  • Understanding of the sales cycle; may include telemarketing/inside sales experience, retail experience, field sales functions, industrial/union negotiations, purchasing/sourcing
  • Multiple languages spoken/read/written (including English, which is required for all KT employees so that they have the flexibility to work globally)